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Check Out My Much Improved Tutorial

2015-04-25 22:21:47 by FKProductions


Liker my music? Then watch this tutorial! Even if you don't like my music, this tutorial merely covers the technical side that one must know to create any music at all, so still watch it! :D Hope it helps!


2011-08-12 18:37:53 by FKProductions

Yes, it's been very quiet both here and on the official site.

But not on the Youtube channel (/FKProds) and the Minecraft show we're making (/TeamEndeavour)!

Also, we've been learning and progressing our skills in many things seperately, mainly music for Face. He is making the OST for the show you know!

We now have a livestream channel too (! If you go there within the next hour or two you'll find Face working on a rather epic song on Fruity Loops 10 with some new plugins =D

See you soon!


2011-04-05 02:36:41 by FKProductions

That's right- Thanks to Killer we have a more effecient blog system!

Our next areas of conern are: Upload System
Music System
Project System

Face <(X_X)>

Check out the site NOW!

Happy Birthday to you...

2011-03-27 19:15:27 by FKProductions

It's Face's birthday today!

Yeah, I had to tell you myself :3

Face <(X_X)>


2011-03-16 17:28:58 by FKProductions

I think everyones having a laugh with the voting on there.

Even I'm voting, just to keep it going :3

Face <(X_X)>


Here's another video I made about FK Productions, only took a couple hours.

Why, Hello!!!!

2011-02-18 13:43:49 by FKProductions

This next 9 days = almost 24 hour work from me (on FKP) and well... whenever Killer has time :) But he has more time too this week... Yes Killer... I know you can hear me!

In other words- Expect a few more things/ developments/ updates this week! :D

I'm gonna leave it as a surprise... just watch out!

Meh... might as well make use of the embed function... Here's a video I made for funsies to test out my new hardware, and to support Avatar:

Face <(X_X)>


2011-01-26 14:41:21 by FKProductions

-Face is now able to access a computer for several hours every day. Work on FK Productions and Nuclear Aftermath will increase.

-Both Face and Killer's computers are undergoing upgrades (Killer now has SIX cores :O).


-If you didn't see already, the Art System is out.

-Recruitment/Advertising is on track.

-Face is learning several new skills, to help out more (e.g. 3D Modelling, Flash Animation, Image Creation etc.)

-Killer is working on a user-friendly page creation system, for people who want to start a project, like Nuclear Aftermath.


-The Nuclear Aftermath Concept Artist will finally have a few bits to show. :)

-We are currently on the look out for people to help us with NA.

-Killer is progressing with the programming side of things.

-Face is learning how to model.

And more...

M-Comp 2010

2010-12-12 14:59:30 by FKProductions

Killer here,

After briefly browsing the music section, I noticed we have a LOT more music than I originally thought, more than enough to make an expanded album! Check up on FKP ( in the near future for the release of FKP's new annual Music Compilation (Will be referred to from now on as M-Comp), where the top 10 or 20 music tracks (Still deciding) as voted on Newgrounds (Will also count votes on FKP in 2011) will each be given an award and recognition within the site.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming updates on the site. You may already have noticed the new reputation system in the forums (Which will tie into a future update :P), alongside the updates to the video page (It now supports non-YouTube videos!), but these are minor compared to what will be revealed. The art system at last? A better music system? We can only hope.