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Too much phaser!? Too much phaser!?

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Hey man, saw your point about newgrounds being ungrateful bastards, so came to check out that song you talked about. I love it. No, I'm not some idiot who knows nothing about music, I wouldn't call this a song. It's more like a sausage on a stick compared to a gourmet meal. But I fucking love sausages (the food ;)). Something cool to listen to, a taster for your ears. Cool stuff man- What do you use to make music? I wanna collab with you xD

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Adriatic responds:

Thanks man. To be honest, all of these material I made is about 6-7 yrs old LOL
When I found out about newgrounds, I uploaded them just to see the feedback.
Because of school and faculty I had no time & will to continue making 'till I started again these days... I did this on Fruity Loops ver.3.56

PM me for collaboration, I wanna know what u had in mind.

Hero's Litany Hero's Litany

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Awesome Work.

The amount of attention to detail you put into your work is incredible, I hope one day I will be able to achieve your level of integrity within my music. Just wondering, what settings did you export this one? The file size is very small :P

I study your work more than you think for the technical side of music production- If only you had time to do more! Nah, if you did I would just become overly jealous and give up myself :P

Sounds truly motivational.

Pianobox (Maz) Pianobox (Maz)

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Hey there!

I knew I definitely wanted to review this, I get sick of never getting any reviews, I need feedback and I think you do too.

This is rather nice, the piano is very nice, but I thin ka few of the notes in the scale you're using are off. While it does sound catchy, you can tell it was done relatively cheaply and without experience. Finally, it needed some base during the piano parts. Something to fill it out :) Also, its rather reptitive.

Apart from that, really good. I am not the type of person to say "its shit, gtfo" as I know in a year if you tried making it it would sound much better, just like me :)

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b4mse responds:

Hey. Thanks for your review.

I was'nt quite sure if it was done or not when i uploaded it, so i gave it a shot, and uploaded to see what people was thinking. Catchy yes, thats what i thought aswell, and a little bite repititive. But i liked it :D
Ah yes ofc, some bass, dunno why i didnt think about that ^^ Im very happy you took your time to tell me a thing or two. Im not the most experienced "music maker" and it isnt my hobby like most people, i do it when i have some spare time and for fun. I will try to better and i can nearly only get better and better i think :-P
Again thanks for everything :-)

BTW about the nodes, im still working on that part :P I tried move em a bit but it just sounded totally wrong from the sound i wanted ^_^ So thats why they are like they are in this song :-)

Acid Paradox - Monster Acid Paradox - Monster

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Awesome Stuff

This isn't going to happen, don't mistake me for naive, but I'm asking anyway. Could I have the FLP for this with any external sound files I might need? (I have massive).

I just want to make music but honestly don't have much of a place to start.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm special, but I just figured I would ask :D

Awesome idea for a song, would sound good on the radio instead of some of the shit I hear.

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(DDD) The Fire (DDD) The Fire

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Really strange...

Amazing sounds- The pauses in between each pattern near the start is strange. The drums are unsettling, yet the song is peaceful. However, an element of sadness is brought into the song, as it sounds like The Fire is about flicker out.

The triangle noise sounds a little bit like a countdown, but i don't like the notes of it, sounds a little unnatural.

For me it sounds like someone dying, probably of old age or weariness, as it's sad yet it seems welcoming and peaceful.

The sounds you used were really nice, try it with the triangle thing just on one note instead. It sounded very professional apart from that.

As always, thanks for keeping me informed about new submissions, each track is like a momentary holiday :)

Face <(X_X)>

Yak_Rays of Chaos Yak_Rays of Chaos

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I'm sorry it took me so long to come check this out.

When it started playing, I thought "Oh no, not another one of those minimalistic, wierd, wierdness wierd things."

But I continued listening, and what I heard was a vibrant explosion, a gun that fired, not just cutesy stuff, but not chaos either. It fired vibrancy, diversity, and excitement, not differentiable between happiness and sadness, but instead celebrating life itself, how it was, but how to get the most fulfilling version of it ;)

I'm really happy you reviewed my work, and let me have the opportunity to listen to this :)

I'm gonna go listen to more of it :D

Face <(X_X)>

[ U p s t a i r s ] [ U p s t a i r s ]

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I second that!

I second the comment below me!

There's nothing else to say.

Thank you!


yeldaorb yllom yeldaorb yllom

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It's very nice but not that woerd... In fact- A little repetitive after four and a half minutes.

But hey, it was a very smooth ride- Is that welsh or just made up? (The title of the track). What were the lyrics she was singing before you put em in reverse? The song seems to fit together well, too well actually... There wasn't the same variation as your other ones, but technically I can't fault it. It just wasn't inspiring like the others.

Nice work though!

Face <(X_X)>

Devereux responds:

the title is Molly Broadley backwards, the lyrics for a song that she wrote called 'Deep Blue' which ypu can find through my Soundcloud (chmusilator)

Thanks for reviewing =)

-Just Like Me- -Just Like Me-

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Guess what?

Maybe if you included vocals in your synth songs, they might not of sucked so much! (apparently- You didn't seem to have much patience).

You have a good voice!

Really cool song.

Face <(X_X>

LupeGarcon responds:

I can't think of any witty banter for your comment, so i guess i'll just type up a few swear words. FUCKASSBITCH. There. Now i can keep my indie band with a bad attitude credibility.

Skat (free form insanity) Skat (free form insanity)

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Skab a dap i doo ba deep a do da di.....

I'm the Scatman!

Was pretty awesome. You have confidence and the girls laughing made it cooler :O

Face <(X_X)>

LupeGarcon responds: